We believe the true problem with college is a grossly inflated cost and deflated value, paired with families being uninformed consumers for college. This is the recipe for the problems we experience today.  We ‘ve taken everything you need to know and condensed it to 5 simple to understand, 5-minute(ish) videos. The videos help you better make sense of…


  • The totality of the problem with college
  • The money side of college
  • The college process and your child’s uniqueness
  • The business of college
  • The decision your family is making


Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend the first 55 minutes defining the problem, and 5 minutes solving it.” It’s almost always beneficial to properly understand a problem before dealing with it or attempting to solve it. We did that for you.

We took the time to define the problem for you and simplified it to a 5-minute video. This video helps you understand the TRUE, OVERALL problem with college so that you can solve the problem for yourself.

Understanding the real problem is the first step to becoming an informed consumer.


College is a BIG money move.

Not only does it cost a lot of money, it’ll help determine (either directly or indirectly) the student’s future income and finances.

Not to mention the parent’s finances are involved. The actual cost is directly correlated to the parent’s finances, even if you aren’t helping your kids. If you are helping them pay, it can be very taxing on your finances.

This video helps you better understand the money side of college, and the financial decisions that are interwoven and about to be made.


Every human being is perfectly imperfect. That’s what keeps everything going. Every person has their own combination of strengths and weaknesses, skills and ineptitudes, abilities and liabilities. How those unique traits align with what you are applying them to, is a far too often and overlooked or mistaken part of this process.

Part 3 helps you better understand how to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your student’s situation, so you can leverage them.


Many people view college as simply a place for higher education.  In reality, colleges are businesses, and they’re run like businesses.  This has caused great competition between schools which can be used to your advantage with proper research, as well as assembling your pieces in the proper manner.

On the other hand, it could be a great disadvantage if you don’t fully understand where you “fit” at the college and unknowingly overpay. In other words, how you benefit the college/business.

No matter where you fit in the system at any school, it’s good to know where you stand. Part 4 helps you better understand how the business of college works, so you can better understand your situation, and make an informed decision.


Keeping your decision or goal in focus is more and more difficult the less you believe in it. The odds of someone that has been obsessed with biology since early childhood reaching their goal of becoming a biologist, is far better than someone throwing a dart at 18 years old, and landing on biology. 
Your student needs to be invested in this decision. 
You also have to factor in financial aspects. This is something that’s very complicated and your student cannot do without you. It could also have an effect on you. Part 5 will help you better understand the decision your child is going to make.