Help for parents, helping their students through the college process.



Families are uninformed consumers for college


People aren’t sure — What they can afford. What they are buying. How much it will cost. How they will pay for it. This leads MANY people to make uninformed decisions.



Use Proper Education, Tools, Direction, Accountability to…


Change the way you look at college. The college process is a big puzzle — Identify YOUR unique pieces and put them together based on what makes sense for YOUR student, to give them the best chance of success.



Becoming an informed consumer for college


This allows families to minimize the negative impact on the parent’s finances, maximize the positive impact on the student’s finances, and help their student reach a career that fits.

We provide parents with the…





…so they can best help their child make informed decisions for college. 


5 Videos. Everything You Need To Know To Get Ontrak…