Ontrak to College

Most parents have one clear goal – For their student to reach a career they enjoy which gives them financial security. How they will help their student reach that goal is often not so clear. This is typically due to the fact when it comes to college, EVERYONE looks at the student, but in reality its a family decision. We are here to help students and parents.

The only place parents can turn to best help their student


People aren’t sure — What they can afford. What they are buying. How much it will cost. How they will pay for it. This leads MANY people to making unsure decisions.


Change the way you look at college. The college process is a big puzzle — Identify YOUR unique pieces and put them together based on what makes sense for YOUR student, to give them the best chance of success.


Being an informed consumer. This allows families to minimize the negative impact on the parent’s finances, maximize the positive impact on the student’s finances, and help their student reach a career that fits.

We Offer Parents the Education, Tools, Direction, and Accountability to Best Help Their Child

Ontrak Coaching

Accountability For Parents
  • Our online class and webinar offers families the Education, Tools, and Direction to help parents best help their students.  Our coaching is designed for the ones who need a little more.
  • Ontrak to College Online Class
  • Online Support
  • 4 Meetings to Go Over Your Information From the Class
  • Personal Accountability to Guide You Through the Process
  • Accountability may not be needed for your family, but we are here if you need us. It provides an extra layer of protection to ensure you are using your puzzle pieces to their fullest effect.
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Ontrak Supplement

Additional Information for the Online Class
  • The Ontrak Supplement is an add on for the Ontrak to College online glass to provide supplemental information for those families who want to dig a little deeper into the weeds when it comes to the games colleges play.  For those families who want to learn more about:
  • Enrollment Management Office
  • A View Into the Financial Aid Office
  • Need Based vs. Merritt Based Aid
  • Private vs. Public Colleges
  • How AP and Class Rank are Viewed
  • Financial Aid Leveraging 
  • Plus much more
  • This Supplement is very beneficial to those who have completed the webinar and online glass, not for those without the information, tools, and direction already established.

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Take The Fear Out of College

This 1 hour webinar is the education piece every family needs to hear. As mentioned above, we give families: the education, tools, direction, and accountability. In one hour you get all the education you need but it is up to you to decide what you want to do with it. We have presented this to thousands of families in person, some become clients some don’t, but each time we are told this needs to go to the masses.  Sign up now for our next webinar!