Ontrak To College

Most parents have one clear goal – For their student to reach a career that they enjoy, and that gives them financial security. How they will help their student reach that goal is often not so clear. This is typically due to the fact that when it comes to college, most families are uninformed consumers and do not fully address both “halves” of the college process. Ontrak to College gives parents the tools and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Ontrak Career Portfolio

The first “half” is understanding what your student wants: What do they want to be? What do they want to do? What degree do they want to buy?  Your student does not have to know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life, but they must have an answer to at least one of these questions.  Ontrak Career Portfolio is the tool set needed to figure this out as well as the backbone to the conversation between parent and student.

Parent Boot Camp

The second “half” is understanding how you will pay for it. This decision will impact your student’s financial and personal success for the rest of their lives, but it’s like assembling a puzzle with many moving parts. Our Boot Camp teaches you how YOUR finances play into how much your student will pay for college, how YOUR money will be affected by the cost of college, and how to best help your student navigate this time so that the cost is not a major burden moving forward.


People aren’t sure — What they can afford. What they are buying. How much it will cost. How they will pay for it. This leads MANY people to making uninformed decisions.


Change the way you look at college. The college process is a big puzzle — Identify YOUR unique pieces and put them together based on what makes sense for YOUR student, to give them the best chance of success.


Being an informed consumer. This allows families to minimize the negative impact on the parent’s finances, maximize the positive impact on the student’s finances, and help their student reach a career that fits.

Putting Together YOUR Puzzle

Half of the puzzle is the “Life” half. Happiness. Quality of Life. Pride in Vocation. Control of Time. The other half is the “Money” half. Future Income. Future Debt. Impact on Parents. Control of Money.

Our Ontrak Parent Boot Camp gives you clarity. We teach you everything you need to know to be an informed consumer. When the Boot Camp is over, you will know…

  • What you can afford
  • What you are buying
  • How much it will cost
  • How you will pay

… based on YOUR Situation.

  • Ontrak Career Portfolio 50%
  • Ontrak Parent Boot Camp 50%
  • Communicating & Executing Your Plan 100%

The most advanced career assessment tool on the market today.  Currently used by over 1,500 colleges across the country for undecided freshman to choose a major.  Students compile a profile based on their: interest, skills & abilities, values, and personality types.  Students can then search and save careers, majors to get to that career, and colleges that offer those majors.

We take you through 3 classes to help you…

  • Understand what you can afford based on your own numbers.
  • Understand what it is you are buying.
  • Understand how much that will cost you and your child in total
  • Understand how you are going to pay for it based on your numbers


Ontrak Career Portfolio

Used by over half of all colleges, but optimized for High School Kids!
  • 4 Assessments — Interests, Skills & Abilities, Values, & Personality Explore and save careers based on your assessments and filters Explore and save majors, based on your career search(es) and filters Explore and save colleges, based on your major search(es) and filters Keep notes and save careers, majors, and colleges Print out an organized “College Resume” from results


The coaching piece adds Accountability.
  • 4 Meetings We “hold your hand” through the financial parts, doing most of the work ALL discussion is 100% tailored to YOUR specific situation.
Do we really need all of this?
Every family needs to have a plan for college.  The worst thing parents can do is assume they know everything because they went to college, or basing decisions on what worked for friends or family.  The college game has drastically changed as the price has risen over the years so what worked for you will not work for your student, and because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you.  We have made it easier for you to assemble and execute your college plan at a very affordable price.
Isn't this what guidance counselors are for?

Not only are counselors overworked and not able to provide the full-time assistance needed for each of their students, they do not have the ability to factor in one of the most important variables when choosing a college: THE FAMILIES INCOME AND ASSETS.  Without factoring this in, there is no way of knowing if your student will be selecting a college that best fits your family’s financial needs.

How do you expect a teenager to know what they want to do the rest of their lives?
This is what sets My Career Profile apart from the competition.  A student’s interest may change, but their values, skills and abilities, and personality will probably not drastically change while in college.  MCP uses these factors when creating your students profile to find careers which best fit your students.  At the very least, your student will uncover a major which will allow them to pursue several careers they are interested.
Aren't the setbacks college students face part of the process?
Many problems college students face could have been avoided had they not made mistakes throughout the college process.  Figuring out how college can be most beneficial for your student is not something they should figure out in college.  Ontrak 101 helps families avoid those costly mistakes to best position your student to graduate in 4 years with the minimal amount of college debt.
College is expensive and there is nothing we can do about it.
There are many things families can do to lower their total cost of college.  Few students will pay the same price for the same school, and even fewer will pay the sticker price.  Having a plan, and understanding how to execute that plan for both “halves” of the college process, could greatly reduce the amount your family will end up paying.


Our process is built on the philosophy laid forth in the book, “Switch” by Dan & Chip Heath. The book is based on a pretty simple metaphor for creating change.

The “Rider” is the rational mind.
The “Elephant” is the emotional mind.
The “Path” is the most probable behavior/outcome

To create change…

 DIRECT the Rider (Find Bright Spots, Script Critical Moves, Point to the Destination)
MOTIVATE the Elephant (Grow, Shrink the Cage, Find the Feeling)

SHAPE the path (Tweak the Environment, Build the Habits, Rally the Herd)

The “Change” we want to create is how people look at College & Money.